Catalog of Programs

Program Catalog

Growth-U supports participants from all over the world with programming and accountability that creates transformational change.

Our programs empowers hundreds of thousands of individuals experience the necessary resistance to create transformative and lasting growth in their health, energy, relationships, mindset, influence, communication, financial wealth, career and families.

Daily Growth

Daily Growth

Our core program, currently free to all members

  • Incredible community support and value
  • Positive daily focus in all areas of your life
  • Daily motivation and healthy accountability



45 Days to Successful Habits

  • Over 21 Coaching Videos
  • Break old habits and build new to support your life
  • Cultivate clarity, confidence and courage as you learn to focus on what you want instead of what you are avoiding
  • Uncover what's holding you back in key areas of your life

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

Create Visions That Work

  • 8 Week Coaching Program with Live Advisor Support
  • Become five times more confident in creating big visions in any area of your life
  • Empower your imagination to work for you instead of against you
  • Turn your fear into power
  • 30 Days to Creating Visions That Work

Inside Out Leadership

Inside Out Leadership : 45 Days to Being a Transformational Growth Leader

Take Your Leadership To The Next Level

  • Over 21 Advisor Videos
  • Learn to flex your communication style to support everyone you communicate with
  • Understand the responsibility of leadership and how to masterfully influence
  • Uncover what habits are holding you back and create replacements to take you and your team to the next level

Global Wealth Mindset

Global Wealth Mindset : A New Way of Creating a Compelling Financial Future

Unlock Your Full Financial Potential

  • Weekly videos with Rod Hairston, Founder of Growth-U
  • Use your past experiences as fuel in realizing your dreams and visions
  • With an expanded wealth identity, you avoid the limiting beliefs about yourself, money and value that have been holding you back
  • Increase your financial confidence and unlock the full potential of abundance for yourself and those around you


Re-Evolution : 60 Days to Evolving Your Health and Energy

Unlock the real reasons holding you back from experiencing the healthy and energetic life you want

  • Weekly videos with Rod Hairston, Founder of Growth-U
  • Learn powerful beliefs and behaviors to expand your health identity to align with your goals while eliminating health self-sabotage.
  • With an expanded health identity, you avoid the limiting beliefs about yourself, your body, and nutrition that have been holding you back
  • Reclaim your healthier identity!

Top 50 Leadership

Top 50 Leadership Integration

Intra-Personal, Inter-Personal, Group Influence

  • Identify personal blockages and beliefs around ultimate leadership vision and identity as a leader and a role model
  • Master and utilize the key emotional influence principles
  • Discover new understanding of how to align individual's driving needs with the culture of your organization
  • Gain a deeper and authentic connection with both your team and the organization you serve

The Four Colors of Influence

The Four Colors of Influence

How To Align With Anyone

  • 6 Week Coaching Program with over 18 support videos and Live Advisor
  • Learn the Golden Rule of Communication
  • Become a master at aligning with anyone for ultimate success
  • Expand your business and relationships to a new level

Growth Mastery

Growth Mastery

Mastermind Community Developing Your Genius

  • Weekly LIVE Training Calls with Speakers, Authors and Experts
  • Weekly LIVE Team Calls led by Certified Mastery Advisors
  • Weekly Focus Assignment
  • Weekly Coaching Videos
  • Yearly Retreats to Share Your Growth Story and Meet your Mastery Community