Growth Planning Session


Interested in a Growth-U Program but not sure which program is right for you? Our Certified Growth Advisors are here to offer guidance before you take the next step!

Growth-U offers a catalog of programs designed to help you grow into your ultimate best self. If you're looking for practical mindset tools in areas such as health and wellness, financial growth, improving relationships, and personal growth, we may have a program perfect for your next chapter.

Schedule a free call with one of our certified growth coaches to learn more about our program options!

Your 15-30 minute coaching call will provide an in-depth overview of each program and our coaches will recommend the best course toward your goals. No commitment to sign up during the call. This is your first conversation into learning more about Growth-U!

Angela Kendrick has a passion for helping guide people to become their ultimate self.

She loves to spend time at the beach and it's in her vision to one day have the house right on the beach. For now, she does the 2-mile commute to the place that fuels her soul on a daily basis. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, always making sure she remembers the importance of a healthy mindset and always continuing to grow.

It was a little over 3 years ago when she first learned about Growth-U. She had lost herself to years of prescription drug abuse, depression and physical injuries that had forced her to never leave the couch. Growth-U was the missing piece that allowed her to find the gratitude and move forward to the life she wanted.

She often explains that because of the change in her mindset, her son has his mom back, her husband has his wife back... and even better she found herself again!

As a Certified Growth Advisor at Growth-U, she has experienced all of the programs offered and is certified to coach you in mapping out your own personal Growth Path.

What Growth-U Members had to say about their experience:



"My growth planning session call was one of the most important calls I have ever made. I knew that I wanted more yet was unsure of the direction to go. Talking to a person who listened to my specific needs led me to make valuable informed decisions on my growth journey. Schedule a call. You are so worth it."


"I highly recommend that you take this opportunity to set up your GPS! Angela has been coaching me for over a year, and the change in me is definitely impressive if I do say so myself. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic, sober over 7 years. I noticed a stall and needed help, Angela knew EXACTLY what I needed to do when I did not even know what my issues were! I am grateful for her insights and direction!

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