Casey Plouffe's Top 50 Event

Nov 18, 2017 @ 08:00 AM (EST) to Nov 19, 2017 @ 05:00 PM (EST)
Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa. Hilton Head SC

Join Casey Plouffe in Hilton Head with 50 other hand selected Top Leaders of the Have It All Team to experience a two-day transformative event to grow as individuals and as a team. The full Have It All Team Retreat will take place from Wednesday, November 15th through Monday, November 20th.

The Have It All Team Retreat will kick off on Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern and will continue through Thursday, ending on Friday at 12pm Eastern. Friday night will kick off the Top 50 Event with Isagenix Millionaire and Nutrition Expert Jim Rhoades at 5pm Eastern. Saturday and Sunday will be an intensive two-day leadership event with Rod Hairston, elite coach, trainer, founder of Healthy Mind and Body and CEO of Growth-U.

The Top 50 experience will provide you with the awareness and implementation to take your leadership to a whole new level of success and fulfillment. Learn about the key principles in three main areas: Intra-Personal Influence (how you influence yourself), Inter-Personal Influence (how you influence others) and Influence (Influencing a large number of people).

Over these two days, you will align your ultimate vision with an expanded identity of influence mastery, gain insight into blockages that have held you back and make massive strides towards becoming the ultimate leader.

Over these two days, you will gain an inside understanding as well as the tools you need to transform every area of your life. Not only will you learn incredibly valuable insights, you will begin applying them to support lasting change and the expansion of your identity. It's time to ignite your desires and visions along with the necessary awareness to transform your business and life for the long-term.

What you can expect to gain from this event:
- Step into your full capability
- Get out of your own way
- Learn tools to manage your emotions
- Be more confident in your business and personal life
- Quiet the negative self-talk
- Be more authentically you
- Let go of the things that hold you back
- Be a more a confident leader
- Move past limiting fears
- Stop being complacent
- Be a better communicator
- Build your self-esteem and belief in your abilities
- Cultivate energy and courage to reach your visions
- Be a better example for your loved ones
- Stop overthinking everything and feeling stuck
- Learn how to dream and let go of needing safety and security
- Continue thriving without losing momentum
- Learn how to take care of yourself and others without sacrificing your energy
- Find yourself again

The Top 50 event registration will open at 8am on Saturday with the event starting at 9am both days. The event will go til 5pm both Saturday and Sunday. (Notebook will be provided).


Have It All Mission

Our Have It All Mission is to inspire others to take control of every single area of their lives. We believe in developing our spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and relational health to the fullest and having the time freedom to enjoy it all. As we do this for ourselves, we are the light guiding others to do the same. #HAVEITALLMISSION


Team House: Casey has arranged a Team House for a select number of attendees to stay at. Please contact Casey directly if you want to stay at the Team House. Anyone who stays at the house will have access to a transportation service to get to and from the Marriott.

Check In: Wednesday, November 15th @ 12pm Eastern.
Check Out: Monday, November 20th @ 8am Eastern.

Hotel:Please contact the Hilton Head Marriott Resort & Spa for accommodations at 843-686-8400

Suggested Reading Materials

We suggest reading the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker before the retreat. It will provide you with a valuable insight into the Mindset of successful and wealthy individuals.


Event Additional Features

The following will be included at the event:
- Daily group yoga
- Daily meditation
- Notebook
- Individual headshot (available at first come first serve and are not included)

Top 50 Event Take Aways

Identifying personal blockages and build belief around worthiness to unleash ultimate leadership.

Learn and practice emotional alignment by mastering the relationship between motivation and focus. Remembering that we are emotional creatures that justify with logic.

Learn to get in a consistent powerful emotional state to deal with the uncertainty that comes with leadership.

Create an intelligent, congruent and believable vision, that inspires others to action.

Understand how to create and use purpose to drive others to the next levels of success.

Leaders will go through one of the most powerful transformation experiences that will break emotional and identity blockages on all levels.

Manage time both strategically and emotionally.

Learn how to switch styles of communication to align with any and every one.

Craft personal stories in a way that moves people emotionally to relate and act.

Feel provoked and compelled to grow from a strong and purposeful internal source.

About Growth-U

Growth-U is an online community of people who believe in proactive growth versus reactive change. Growth-U provides personal development programs that create lasting change through the power of consistent conditioning. Utilizing their award winning technology platforms to support people through the emotional process of growth in every area of life. Growth-U is dedicated to supporting people around the world set themselves free from their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Growth-U's programs have impacted over 500,000 individuals worldwide. Growth-U's Live Event Series provide transformative experiences designed to support you realize your greatness, understand growth principles and tap into your unlimited capability for the long term.

Whether you are new to Growth-U or are a seasoned member of the community these events are designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level. You will be challenged to look at what is holding you back; uncovering barriers while challenged to identify the ways you can step into uncertainty in alignment with your visions.

The ultimate purpose of the Growth-U's Live Event Series is to support individuals seeking growth ready and willing to broaden their ability to handle the unknown and create internal confidence. The Event Series are always customized and never canned, designed for participants at any level at any level of growth!

About Special Speakers and Attendees

Rod Hairston
CEO and Chairman of Growth-U

Rod Hairston is one of the fastest growing authorities in the area of organizational culture, leadership and human potential. Rod has coached leaders to Forbes's 400 list, star athletes and organizations like Disney, ABC and Honeywell. Rod is a dynamic speaker and author of the highly acclaimed book "Are You Up For The Challenge? Six Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now...Not Someday." Early in Rod's career and spent several years as a Mastery Trainer for Anthony Robbins where he then created his own coaching business working with the top 1% coaching business executives, entrepreneurs and athletes. For over 20 years he has helped more than 500,000 individuals and organizations transform their identity for long lasting results with programs like his 45-Day Challenge® series and Healthy Mind and Body Program, which have been internationally recognized as the best integration programs for change and results.

Jim Rhodes

Jim Rhoades, Nutritional Educator
Former Pres & CEO of an international nutrition company, Jim has worked closely with internationally renowned bio-chemists, PhD nutritionists and herbalists over two decades. He is also a master educator, taking difficult concepts and making them real for his audiences. One of seven guest lecturers at Harvard Medical School's Symposium on the "State of Foods ", with representatives of over 50 Universities, he presented the case for Nutritional Supplementation due to nutrient defficiencies in our soil.

Jim Rhoades is the 42 millionaire in isagenix and a sought after coach and speaker blessing the lives so many every where he goes .


Four time best selling author John has coached thousands of people from various backgrounds through all sorts of challenges. From the borderline homeless to wealthy individuals, John has helped many get in touch with their truths to create a life on their terms.

John's search for answers to living a fulfilling life has take him to working with Native American Indians in the Hills in San Diego, the forests of Madagascar, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, the Okavango Delta of Botswana and the Great Wall of China. He's travelled from Chile to Slovakia, Hungary to the Solomon Islands, the mountains of Italy and the streets of Mexico. Everywhere his journey has taken him, John has discovered a hunger among people to find a new way to live, together with a yearning for freedom.

An international speaker who also co-wrote the script for the film 'Adver-sity and interview all the guests.

Alvie Shepard
IsaBody Grand Prize Champion 2016

Alvie Started his career playing professional baseball along side Cal Ripken Jr and other players of that era. Since retiring in 2000, Alvie has privately instructed and coached hundreds reach their potential. Alive suffered a life threatening brain aneurysm back in April of 2013. After weighing in at 307 lbs he joined a team of amazing health conscious people and have since been on a mission to become the best version of himself possible. Alvie lowered his weight to a lean 225 lbs and has packed on over 65 pounds of lean muscle. In 2016 Alvie was announced as the Grand Prize Winner of the IsaBody Challenge. As the Grand Prize Winner Alvie represented his organization as the new spokesperson for the IsaBody Challenge! Alvie continues to build an inspiring team of others to reach their goals physically, mentally and financially.

Event Cancellation & Refund Policy

Growth-U will withhold a $100 deposit that will not be refunded due to limited space in the event.