Healthy Mind and Body Tour - Austin, TX

Nov 11, 2017 from 09:00 AM to 02:00 PM (CST)
Sonesta Bee Cave Austin. Austin TX

Welcome to the Healthy Mind and Body Event!

The Healthy Mind and Body Event, featuring world-renown speaker and author, Rod Hairston, has been making it's way around the country, and thrilled to be in Austin! Heading into the Holiday Season, this is the perfect time to reset your vision and habits to maintain or improve your health and energy (no matter where you're starting from). The Healthy Mind and Body event is an energizing 5-hour event that will entertain, educate and most of all, empower you to be healthier and fit, now, and the rest of your life.

Attend the Healthy Mind and Body Event to prepare yourself for success leading into 2018! You'll walk away with some valuable knowledge and tools to take your health identity, physically, emotionally and mentally to the next level. Centered around the Pillars and Principles for optimal health for your mind and body, you will experience a new understanding of how to create and maintain sustained health and energy, supporting you in every role of your life.

Rod Hairston and his company, Growth-U, is the mastermind behind the successful Healthy Mind and Body 60 Day accountability program offered by global nutrition leader, Isagenix. You will learn the how Isagenix partnered with Growth-U to create an affordable 60 Day Online Conditioning Program to support their customers in making lasting change. There's no such thing as a quick fix when it comes to your health and fitness; transformation is sustained through new habits formed by consistent daily condition, 10-15 minutes a day. Learn the principles behind the system that has already supported 40,000 people around the world so far in creating lasting changes in their mind and body.

Come prepared to enjoy yourself and focus on your next level of health and wellbeing. You will walk away intelligently motivated and prepared to continue pursuing a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Event info:
Schedule may change.
8:30am-9:00am Healthy Mind & Body Registration & Check In (onsite)
9:00am- 2:00pm Healthy Mind & BodyEvent


Transform your mind. Transform your body. Transform your life.

Topics covered:

  • Deeper dive into the Cycle of Growth for health and business and how to manage your attitude and effort along the way with the triad: Focus, Self-talk and Physical Expression
  • Reinforcement of the principles of lasting change: Belief Model, BICE, Seven Categories of Deception and Six Steps to Lasting Change
  • Go deeper into your "Why" for getting healthier and celebrate your new healthier identity for the long term

About Rod Hairston

CEO and Chairman of Growth-U

Rod Hairston is one of the fastest growing authorities in the areas of behavior change, organizational culture, leadership and human potential. Rod has coached leaders of the Forbes's 400 list, star athletes and organizations like Disney, ABC and Honeywell. Rod is a dynamic speaker and author of the best selling book "Are You Up For The Challenge? Six Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now...Not Someday." Early in Rod's career, he spent several years as a Mastery Trainer for Anthony Robbins, where he then created his own coaching business working with the top 1% coaching business executives, entrepreneurs and athletes. For over 20 years he has helped more than 500,000 individuals and organizations transform their identity for long-lasting results with programs like his 45-Day Challenge® series and Healthy Mind and Body Program, which have been internationally recognized as the best integration programs for change and results.

About Growth-U

Growth-U is an online community of people who believe in proactive growth versus reactive change. Growth-U provides personal development programs that create lasting change through the power of consistent conditioning. Utilizing their award winning technology platforms to support people through the emotional process of growth in every area of life. Growth-U is dedicated to supporting people from around the world in setting themselves free from their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Growth-U's programs and events have impacted over 500,000 individuals worldwide. Growth-U's Live Event Series provide transformative experiences designed to support you in realizing your greatness, understanding growth principles and tapping into your unlimited capability for the long-term.

Whether you are new to Growth-U or are a seasoned member of the community, these events are designed to meet you where you are and take you to the next level. You will be challenged to look at what is holding you back; uncovering barriers while challenged to identify the ways you can step into uncertainty and alignment with your visions.

The ultimate purpose of the Growth-U's Live Event Series is to support individuals seeking growth who are ready and willing to broaden their ability to handle the unknown and create internal confidence. The Event Series are always customized and never canned; they are designed for participants at any level at any level of growth!

Event Cancellation & Refund Policy

Growth-U will withhold a $15 deposit that will not be refunded due to limited space in the event.