The Growth Life Podcast celebrates individuals and stories courageous enough to embrace uncertainty, brave enough to love diversity, and smart enough to realize they don't know everything.

We recognize that we are most alive when we're proactively growing. Fulfillment comes with expanding and developing our identity, experiencing greater capacities of love, joy, peace, creation, and progress.

We understand that every experience in the process of realizing our visions is happening for our benefit and valuable to our growth. Ultimately, when we serve and add value, we deserve to receive all forms of abundance.

We adjust the style of our communication to align with the diverse needs of those we interact with, focusing on adding value and making a difference. Those we impact are compelled to follow the New Golden Rule and share with others.

We're grateful for your commitment and support as we work to make proactive growth the norm. From all of us at Growth-U, we wish you and your families the best during this festive season.

We check our results along the way, being open-minded and flexible to adjust our actions as needed. We know that our masterpiece is Already Done.

Audit Your Life and Habits

How to Create Your Big Picture AJ Yager and Meaghan Connell

The data-driven approach gives people the ability to ignore distractions and focus on the big picture. It empowers decision-making and reduces waste.

Gratitude is more than just the act of saying thank you; it is a deep, positive emotional response and awareness of value in every moment. It is a true appreciation for who we are, what we do, and what we create.

Genius helps us see that we are always in the right place at the right time. The answers, solutions and resources we seek are available to us when we plug into our inner power and expand our reality

Wellbeing is a state of harmony and alignment with our emotional, mental and physical habits; all growth comes from a healthy foundation. We take responsibility for what we accept in our thoughts, feel in our hearts and put in our bodies.

How do you like your eggs? We order ours FUNny Side Up. When you come from fun you attract fun! Whether it's a dance party in the morning, a belly laugh midday or a state-inducing power move in the evening that includes a booty shake and a twirl, we know that fun gets more done.

We celebrate the superpower of being vulnerable. A common misconception is that vulnerability is a liability when the truth is allowing ourselves to be authentically seen, heard, loved and understood, sometimes in discomfort, is one of our greatest assets.

I AM. The two most powerful words you will ever think or say. "It" is whatever you choose next that sets the stage for what you believe about yourself.

Knowing your purpose in everything you do makes your journey meaningful, adventurous and beautiful. Your purpose is your emotional leverage for moving through resistance and continuing the journey.

Vision is the foundation for everything. It is your internal future before it's experienced externally. Just as the sun lights the way and provides energy for all life, our vision illuminates our path and fuels our growth.

In the inception phase of our company, we had the privilege of understanding how important our organization's culture would be to the success and sustainability of our business.

As a former Registered Nurse and wellness advocate, Casey is one of the best sources to show us why implementing self-care is so important to our success.

Sitting down with Growth U's Tonia Revere, Julie discusses her path to becoming a life coach and her unique approach to taking control of your own life.

At Growth-U, we are committed to bringing you the best programming and tools for continued growth and lasting change in every aspect of your life. With that in mind, it brings me great joy to share this update with our community.

In the Growth U Podcast, Jen opens up about her decision to invite God into her everyday life by going to school to become part of the ministry, as well as the motivations that led her to this point in her life.