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Pain is Gain

How To Turn Pain Into Personal Empowerment

Leading up to that, I had over ten years of chronic neck pain and migraines. I'm sure that, to some extent, the pain I felt before the full disc tear was a combination of muscle tension and pressure from the discs on my spinal cord.

The first time I heard about core beliefs it went completely over my head. "Core" was still strongly affiliated with my pilates practice and was nowhere near the center of my mind (thought) or heart (feelings).

You now know how both parts of your mind works, the conscious and unconscious. You've identified your programs or money blocks; guilt, criticism, resentment, and fear. You've researched the opposite programs. I'll give you some hints: happiness, approval, delight, and confidence. You've learned how to redirect your focus with the Four Laws of Focus and you've learned how to tap into the unconscious mind through relaxation and proclaiming what you desire with the emotion of gratitude.