Member Spotlight - Karen Scoggins

Member Spotlight - Karen Scoggins

I chose a career in nursing because I always wanted to help other people both physically and mentally, the only problem was that I forgot to take care of myself. Before Growth-U, I looked for outside sources for happiness and fulfillment, and I kept wondering why the feeling didn't last. Since Growth-U, I have learned that happiness and true fulfillment can only come from the inside.

I found Growth-U through a program called Healthy Mind and Body. The power of a 60-day daily conditioning program around Health and Energy was the key that I needed to unlock my ability to stay consistent with eating healthy for the long term. After completing that program multiple times, I found Transform-U: 45 days to Successful Habits.

Over the last two years, I have enjoyed all of the programs that Growth-U has to offer. For me, the most impactful program has been Growth Mastery. Weekly training with Rod Hairston sets the stage for growth in a different category every four weeks. The support and accountability that comes from weekly advisor calls are where that growth becomes exponential. I have been able to uncover habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve me, and then experience the support to build amazing new beliefs and habits, all while supporting others in the community through my presence on calls and vulnerably sharing my own story.

I now know that the only path to true happiness and fulfillment is through Growth, Self-Love and adding Value to the lives of others. I have now embarked on a journey to love myself at a deep level. It's like peeling back the layers of an onion, and as each new layer is exposed, a new awakening begins.
Karen Scoggins
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Karen is a Certified Founding Growth Leader and Certified Contributing Author with Growth-U. She has personally experienced the true fulfillment that only comes with self-love, growth and adding value to the lives of others.

She is committed to daily growth. Through Growth-U, she has been able to uncover old habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve her. She sees the power in creating a strong vision and a new identity to support it. She believes in the power of community.

Karen has been in the healthcare industry for 30 years. She has her Masters in both Nursing and Business Administration. She is a Chief Nursing Officer at a hospital in rural Alaska. She is a transformational leader and loves mentoring others. She sees her role as "helping the people that help the people".

Karen loves gardening, exploring Alaska by RV, CrossFit, her husband, and her pets.