Graduated from one or more of our programs? Are you ready for the next level of consistent, proactive growth and support? Join the elite coaching membership for your mind. Become a Master of your Growth.

Growth Mastery is a leading-edge coaching program to elevate your life. Join a community of other likeminds, dedicated to mastering their growth. Practice investing daily in your greatest asset - YOU!

Growth Mastery is a dynamic virtual coaching experience to develop your investor identity. You are your greatest asset! Get weekly tips, tools and coaching to stay focused on what you want versus what you don't want. Shift your responses from reactive change to proactive growth.

Discover empowering and compelling insights from Elite Trainer, Rod Hairston, Certified Growth-U Advisors and your like-minded, big-hearted community to elevate your relationships, mindset, wealth and go to your next level.

Growth Mastery is for you if you are...

  • Unsure of what you want and you know you want more
  • Overwhelmed by how to grow or change and need support
  • Desiring to experience fulfillment in life and reach your full potential
  • Wanting to create the life you want so you don't miss out
  • Looking to make lasting changes and are doubting what's possible
  • Aware that you need to align your habits, behaviors and beliefs


  • Weekly assignment to think, write, reflect, share and inspire
  • Be inspired by the community of Growth Masters' shares
  • Weekly Coaching video with Elite Trainer, Rod Hairston
  • Weekly Certified Advisor coaching calls with fellow Growth Masters

Weekly assignment entries can be saved privately or shared in the Growth Mastery community for more accountability and inspiring others. You can complete these assignments online from home, work or travel.

Each week you will leverage the exponential power of concentrated focus and intelligent accountability to help you breakthrough what holds you back in key areas of your life and execute at a higher level than you have before.


The program is designed around 6 key themes to support your life. Focusing on one area of your life for every four weeks. This allows for a greater concentration of focus, laser clarity and exponential growth.

For example, the Wealth & Finance focus area, you will spend four weeks aligning your desire, vision, habits, strategy and Identity specifically in that area of your life.

You will explore and experience transformative growth, which will rotate in the following themes:


Your health is your wealth. You are your greatest asset. Develop a sustainable identity of optimal health and high performing energy.


Influence yourself and other people. No more frustrating conversations with strangers or loved ones; connect with ease as you learn how to quickly align with anyone's motivation or focus.


Focus on flexing your mental muscles to build clarity, confidence and courage. It's time to stop self-sabotaging. It's time to follow through with what you want.


Focus on improving and enhancing your relationships. You will discover the roles you play, conscious and unconscious rules you have in relationships, find your ideal mate if you don't already have one and build a foundation of impactful communication.


Know what you want in your career or business, develop your visions and step up powerfully as a leader. You know you can and want to make a greater impact and contribution in this world.


Focus on seven key areas to cultivate the identity of a wealth builder: Budgeting, Investing, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Cash Flow, Credit Management, Tax Management.


  • $39.00 monthly affordable subscription investment
  • Online weekly coaching program
  • New coaching video every week with Rod Hairston and other guests
  • Weekly Certified Advisor led call for the Growth Mastery Community -- Join in one or multiple each week
  • Can be accessed anywhere you have access to the internet and an internet computing device
  • Weekly assignment: video and journal
  • Share assignments with the Growth Mastery Community: inspire and be inspired

*Note: If you are new to Growth-U, we highly recommend participating in Transform-U or another Growth-U program prior to entering Growth Mastery (see our Program Catalog) to develop roots in our community. These programs will provide you the solid base from which you can really start to grow and expand.

As a successful graduate of a Growth-U program, you are invited to Growth Mastery.

Participation is similar to a gym membership. You'll make a one time investment of $39.00 monthly investment into being your best self.

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