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Julie Hairston's Road to Recovery

Jan 01, 2018 from 01:58 PM to 02:58 PM (EST)

Julie has been fighting cancer for the last 5 years. It started as breast cancer and she decided to go through masectomy. The cancer came back and attacked her spine and she lost the ability to walk. She had surgery to remove the tumor on her spine and through a miracle she learned to walk again. The tumor returned on her spine and she is again not able to walk.

We have been using traditional and more natural means of fighting the cancer for 5 years. We are personally paying $3500 per week for treatments the insurance will not cover. We also owe $250,000 to support what the insurance isn't covering for her surgeries.

The last prognosis from the traditional doctors was grim and we are trying several new, well researched alternative therapies in Mexico and Germany to save her life. The treatments cost is $150,000+

She's a fighter and a role model to anyone facing this horrible disease. The doctors told her 5 years ago she had one year to live. Through her positive mindset and strong will to live she has been able to prove the traditional doctors wrong.

Julie is a kind and loving Mother. Her fight to live for her family is an amazing thing to experience and one that inspires all of us to fight for a better and more loving quality of life. Let's support Rod and his family in this endeavor.
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